About Cronin Construction

Cronin Construction was incorporated in 1993 by Rick Cronin and Jim Hammersley. The basic tenet of the organization was to be a professional sitework company with integrity, in every aspect of the business. From estimating, bidding and contract acquisition to project management and fieldwork. All integrated to form a dynamic, synergistic workforce.

Cronin Construction has completed a vast array of construction projects, many with Disney are sophisticated in Park projects such as Little Mermaid, Lion King and Night Time Show and out of Park projects like the Contemporary Hotel Expansion and the Liquidation Facility. The beautiful Orlando downtown skyline includes eight prominent high rise hotels with Sitework completed by Cronin Construction. The aforementioned projects were challenging venues in which to do sitework. They required a high level of insight, planning and coordination, along with talented operators and good equipment. The entire team is proactive and closely knit with common threads of integrity, professionalism, and respectfulness.

Along with shopping centers, apartments and warehouses Cronin Construction has completed an abundance of schools in Orange Osceola, Seminole, and Volusia counties. From elementary to Universities all completed under best construction practices and on-time.

Cronin Construction has proven to be a consistently reliable asset in the design phases of projects. Our extensive experience provides unique insight into solving site specific issues. Reigning in costs with creative ideas and proven methods often brings our team to the table sooner than most.

Early on, Cronin Construction learned that any company not willing to evolve will go the way of the dinosaur. We are constantly looking for new ways to do things, letting go of the old and embracing the future of our industry.

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