Fire Protection System Contractor V

Cronin Construction Corporation is a State Certified Fire Line Contractor (License #564194000195) licensed as a Class V Contractor to install underground water based fire extinguisher systems from the point of service to the slab stub-up.

The license allows to provide a more comprehensive underground utility service for our clients.  It provides for the execution of contracts requiring the ability to fabricate, install, inspect, alter, repair, and service the underground piping for a fire protection system using water as the extinguishing agent beginning at the point of service and ending no more than 1 foot above the finished floor. Connecting the underground pipe network between a water source and the in-building fire protection system it serves.

Extensive experience with specifying materials, pipe sizes, pipe and valve configurations, installation requirements and testing ensures a quality foundation to your project. So when the code officials get one opportunity to review and approve the incoming supply lines before they are buried, you can have confidence in Cronin Construction.

Many factors can influence the effectiveness of fire protection installation.

  • Proper and Quality Materials: Pipe, valves, hydrants, gaskets and fittings
  • Experienced Installation
  • Seasonal, flooding or freezing
  • industrial
  • water pressure
  • physical damage
  • driveways, paving & trenches
  • climate and geographical conditions
  • settlement & lateral movement

Our Project Experience spans many industries

Examples of some of the types of projects we have provided Fire Protection services along with the sitework services:


  • Commercial sites
    • hotels
    • retail centers
    • office buildings
  • Theme Parks
  • Government
    • municipality buildings
    • schools
  • Industrial warehouses

The State of Florida Class V State Fire Line License, also known as the Florida Fire Protection V Contractor License.

Do you have a fire line included in your upcoming sitework construction project? Contact Cronin Construction to learn more about how we can put the extensive experience of Cronin Construction to work on your next project.


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Fire Protection System Contractor V

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